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How to Use Source Music: 5 Lessons from Classic Film

May 23, 2016

Posted in: Music, Film

In the world of TV and film, background music is used in a variety of ways. In a broad sense, we can divide music into what film theorists call diagetic and non-diagetic music. Diagetic music is part of the reality of the scene. It is what the character hears and occasionally reacts to in the moment. Non-diagetic music is heard only by the audience. This includes the film’s score, as well as songs that play over the picture as an expression of emotion, tone, or narrative.


How to Write for Advertisements: 5 Tips from CrucialCustom CEO Tanvi Patel

May 9, 2016

Posted in: Music, Advertising

As CEO of CrucialCustom, Tanvi Patel finds, creates, hones, and licenses custom music for Internet advertisements. Revenue from music for video is surging, and savvy composers diversify— pursuing placement in ads, films, TV, video games, and countless other opportunities. Now Ms. Patel shares her tips to help songwriters excel at meeting video creators’ distinct specifications:


Superheroes v. Supervisors: Marvel and DC Trailer Music

April 4, 2016

Posted in: Film, Television, Music, Trailer

Who’s your favorite superhero? Go ahead, take a moment. In 2016, it’s an important question. Are you a fan of the classics, like Batman or Superman? Are you an experimentalist who enjoyed the meta-humor of this year’s Deadpool? Are you a contrarian who loves long-forgotten heroes like Arm-Fall-Off-Boy? In a world where superheroes reign over our screens and airwaves, choosing a favorite hero is like choosing a favorite band. It says more about you than you may want to admit.


Where Have All the Jingles Gone?

March 14, 2016

Posted in: Music, Advertising

When most people think "commercial music," they think of their favorite jingles. A commercial jingle is a short melody, usually paired with a simple, memorable lyric, that aims to stick in the viewers mind for the rest of the day. But when done right, "the rest of the day" may very well become "the rest of your life" Jingles used to rule the airwaves as well as the ad agency boardroom - so where have all the jingles gone? Let's start from the beginning.


2016 Oscar Music: A Primer

February 25, 2016

Posted in: Composers, Film, Music

This Sunday, the world's biggest awards show makes its way to the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, where a few talented actors will cross their fingers hoping for a chance to address an ocean of talented peers.

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