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Oscar Music 2017

February 24, 2017

Posted in: Music, Film

It’s that time again! Oscar weekend is upon us, with this year’s show featuring a typically stellar lineup of nominees. But compared to previous years, music is in a more featured role this time around, primarily due to one film – Damien Chazelle’s colorful La La Land (whose music we’ve covered in more detail here). The last musical nominated for an Oscar was Les Miserables back in 2012 – and it seems that the genre was dearly missed by Oscar voters, given the 14 nominations that went to La La Land.

La la land

Licensing Lessons from La La Land

January 20, 2017

Posted in: Music, Film

A few weeks ago, the Hollywood Foreign Press voters awarded a whopping 7 Golden Globes to Damien Chazelle’s Los Angeles musical romance, La La Land. The film has been a hit with audiences and critics alike, hitting over $130 million in sales (as of this writing) on a budget of only $30 million. La La Land proved that America still has an appetite for great music, original stories, and of course, two megastars with amazing chemistry.


Black Friday and Beyond

November 21, 2016

Posted in: Television, Advertising

Black Friday is changing. This year’s Black Friday, which falls on Nov. 25th, is certainly shaping up to be a big one – but if trends continue, we may be seeing a permanent shift away from the shopping chaos of years past. The number of shoppers taking part in Black Friday seems to have peaked around 2012, and has been dropping steadily since then – in fact the actual turnout has consistently fallen below projections for several years now. There are many factors at play – from Americans’ shift away from credit debt and towards savings, to the rise of Cyber Monday, to a trend towards digital goods rather than goods sold in brick-and-mortar stores.


Music and Politics: An Uneasy Alliance

October 25, 2016

With the election right around the corner, all eyes are on the two major candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Now more than ever, every detail of the nominees’ campaigns is scrutinized to the highest degree, and every little detail matters. In this month’s blog, let’s take a look at oft-discussed but rarely-clear issue affecting both parties – the use of music at political rallies and events.


The DOJ Music Licensing Ruling, Explained

September 20, 2016

Posted in: Music, Film, Composers

If you haven’t been keeping up with music licensing news (let’s be honest, it’s not glamorous, and it’s often complicated), you may be blissfully unaware of the battle between performing rights organizations (such as BMI and ASCAP) and the US Department of Justice (DOJ). The dispute affects anyone who’s even remotely connected to music licensing – composers, clients, venues, advertisers, filmmakers, and music fans. It’s important to know the facts on the issue, if not to join the fight, then to be aware of how it might affect your future as a licensor or licensee.