Affordable Custom Music Licenses: Rates & Terms

The cost and terms that make sure you get exactly what you need and help our professional talent keep creating their excellent content.

CrucialCustom Pricing: Custom Music Licenses

It’s our track and you’re licensed to use it.

It's our track, but you have exclusive rights in your brand category during the term.

Use it how you want; the track is yours!

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CrucialCustom Pricing: Pre-Cleared Music

You’re licensed to use an artist owned track. No exclusive-to-category or work-for-hire options available.

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All CrucialCustom and CrucialMusic songs are recorded NON-UNION
(including SAG/AFTRA, AFM or other musician’s unions) and are NOT
subject to new use/reuse fees.

If Licensee is a union signatory, any obligations arising thereof
are the Licensee’s responsibility.

On custom projects, you are allotted one free round of revisions on each Top 5 Track, and one free round of revisions on each Winning Track. Thereafter, any additional revision rounds of the Winning Track will be charged $200 each additional round. If you license the track, the revision fees will be added to your total bill. If you choose to NOT license the track, your credit card will be charged accrued revision fees only.

Crucial Custom reserves the right to change rates at any given time without notice. If you are mid project and rates change, your rate will be as you selected at the onset of your project.