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Finally! The Emmys’ new Music Supervision Category

June 12, 2017

Posted in: Music, Television

After almost 70 years, the music supervisors of television are finally getting the recognition they deserve from the industry’s biggest night - The Emmys. Especially in the past decade or two, music supervision has become an integral part of a show’s identity and vision. It has also played a vital role in the music industry itself, being one of the few remaining ways for artists to make money off of their recordings.
How will the award work exactly? Each supervisor will be nominated for a single episode of their respective show – whichever they feel most exemplifies their creative contribution to the show as a whole. Only other supervisors will be able to vote on the award – the Emmys are notable for only allowing those with expertise to vote in each category. Since music supervisors are an incredibly small and tight-knit group, this method of voting could make things interesting.
It was a hard-fought victory when the Guild of Music Supervisors convinced the Emmys to add this new category – but the GMA isn’t stopping there – the next battle is for a music supervision Oscar. While music supervision used to be seen as a largely administrative job, it’s become impossible to deny how much of an impact a music supervisor can have on the success of a show.
Voting begins today – keep an eye on your favorites! Nominees are announced July 13.

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